Places to Visit in Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the rare and beautiful cities that is frequently visited in the past and today. Witnessing many historical events and welcoming many nations are also important factors here. It is the center of attention of tourists as it hosts many historical buildings during the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and the Republic period. In addition to being home to many historical artifacts and textures, Istanbul also draws attention with its dishes from many cultures. There are many places that offer different tastes of today’s Turkish cuisine, world cuisine, and Ottoman cuisine. The restaurant selection in Istanbul this reason is an issue that requires a lot of attention and care. Especially those who visit Istanbul to search for places to go before they come. Apart from venues, street foods are also very popular in the historical districts of Istanbul.

Maiden’s Tower, Islands, Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, Taksim, Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Balat, Fatih etc. There are countless historical squares, museums, palaces, districts, and religious buildings in Istanbul. Each district has many unique buildings. In order to avoid problems in transportation, you need to decide on the areas you want to go to among the neighborhoods that are close to each other.

Places to go in Sultanahmet-Istanbul

Sultanahmet, which is indisputably one of the most visited areas of the city of Istanbul, has many places that have been serving from the past to the present. It can be quite difficult to choose a restaurant in Istanbul among the places with so many alternatives. Choosing a place becomes very important in order to take a break in a pleasant place during the time you set aside for your trip and to try the flavors unique to Istanbul. In addition, the rate of preference of the places along the frame you have determined as the tour rotation is quite high.

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Before choosing a venue, it is necessary to do detailed research on the internet first. Customer comments and ratings on many applications on the Internet and on the website of the venue can be taken into account in this context. In addition, to get detailed information about the features of the place, customer reviews can be examined on the internet.

Some points to consider when choosing a restaurant in the Sultanahmet area are as follows;

  • Location
  • quality time
  • working environment
  • Price/quality balance
  • personnel characteristics
  • Working hours
  • Interior and exterior features of the space
  • Menu content

Restaurants and cafes with all these features are generally preferred as a priority. These features should be considered when choosing a restaurant in Istanbul. You can examine in detail the Queb Lounge terrace cafe, which has these features and has a very advantageous location in the Sultanahmet region.

See the City from a New Perspective at the Queb Lounge

Located on the upper terrace floor of The Byzantium Hotel, Queb Lounge serves as a terrace restaurant with 360-degree panoramic views of Istanbul. If you want to choose a restaurant in Istanbul, and want an environment where you can work comfortably and concentrate and work with a pleasant view, you can choose Queb Lounge.

You can take a sweet break and experience the Bosphorus view of Istanbul at this restaurant, which is located in the historical texture of Sultanahmet and close to many cultural monuments. You can easily access many famous historical monuments such as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, and its square, and Topkapi Palace in the Sultanahmet area from here. You can relieve all the tiredness of the trip by resting in a pleasant environment and enjoying delicious food. Queb Lounge is pleased to welcome you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner concepts on weekdays and weekends.

You can make a reservation on the website to visit the Queb Lounge and taste delicious food. You can find the necessary details for the menu and transportation in detail on our website.

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