Places to Visit in Istanbul in Summer

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Sultanahmet, the historical and cultural heart of Istanbul during the summer months, offers visitors a unique experience. Sultanahmet and its surroundings are an excellent option for those who want to spend a vacation full of both historical texture and summer activities.

Sultanahmet and Istanbul promises an unforgettable vacation to its visitors with its rich activities and places to visit during the summer months. Live every moment to the fullest in this city where history, culture and entertainment meet.

Sultanahmet Square and Historical Places

Sultanahmet is one of the most iconic and historically rich areas of Istanbul. Here you can see many important buildings and monuments that have witnessed different periods of history. Exploring this area during the summer months is a great opportunity to take a cultural journey and enjoy the summer. Sultanahmet Square is surrounded by important historical buildings such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, offering visitors an open-air museum.

Wandering among the historical buildings, it is possible to establish a deep connection to Istanbul’s rich past. During the hot days of summer, the cool and peaceful atmosphere of these historical sites offers visitors the opportunity to relax and rest. In addition, various cultural and artistic events held in Sultanahmet Square make your summer vacation even more colorful. This area is an ideal spot for both those who want to get in touch with history and those who want to enjoy summer activities.

1. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, which has become the symbol of Istanbul, is the center of attention in every season with its fascinating architecture and history. During the summer months, visiting early in the morning is an ideal time to avoid the crowds and beat the heat.

2. Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Located right next to Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque attracts attention with its six minarets and interior decoration. You can visit the mosque in summer to cool off and find spiritual peace.

3. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace, the center of the Ottoman Empire, offers its visitors a journey full of history and splendor. It is a wonderful experience to take a cool walk through the palace’s vast gardens in summer and enjoy the view of the Golden Horn.

Summer Activities

4. Open Air Events in Sultanahmet Square

During the summer months, Sultanahmet Square hosts various open-air events. Live music concerts, dance performances and art exhibitions provide visitors with unforgettable moments.

5. Istanbul Music Festival

The annual Istanbul Music Festival offers a wide range of concerts from classical music to jazz and world music. The concerts, which take place in historical venues in Sultanahmet, are a unique opportunity for both music lovers and history buffs.

6. Summer Cinemas

Open-air cinema events are organized in and around Sultanahmet Square. Watching movies under the stars in the shadow of historic buildings and mosques is a great way to enjoy summer evenings.

Places to Visit in Istanbul in Summer

7. Gulhane Park

Located next to Topkapi Palace, Gülhane Park is the perfect place to cool off in summer with its lush green areas and flower gardens. You can take a walk in the park, have a picnic or relax in a cafe.

8. Bosphorus Tour

A boat trip on the Bosphorus during the summer months is a great opportunity to discover the beauty of the city from the sea. You can see Istanbul’s historic mansions and bridges up close as you cruise the cool waters of the Bosphorus.

9. Prince Islands

The Prince Islands are one of the most popular summer destinations for those looking for a getaway close to Istanbul. You can rent bicycles, take nature walks and swim at the beaches on islands such as Buyukada, Heybeliada and Burgazada.

10. Galata Tower

Watching the panoramic view of Istanbul from the historical Galata Tower is one of the essentials of summer evenings. You can experience an unforgettable moment under the lights of the city by climbing the tower.

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