Best Istanbul Restaurant

best istanbul restaurant

Istanbul restaurant options can be confusing for local and foreign tourists in some cases. There are some points that you should pay attention to when choosing among best Istanbul restaurants in the Sultanahmet area.

Istanbul; is a magnificent city where many layers feed each other, such as history, architecture, and incredible food culture. In addition to the food-loving Istanbulites, many local and foreign tourists find themselves on the streets for the best Istanbul Restaurant experience whenever they have the opportunity.

Many people in this pursuit want to enjoy the unique history, culture, and Istanbul landscapes of Istanbul while eating their meals. Of course, the fascinating view of the city should be combined with a delicious meal. This is something that will please everyone. This is a point to consider when looking for a restaurant in Istanbul. While the city view feeds our soul, our stomachs should be fed with delicious food at the same time.

Queb Rooftop Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to go with a query like “the best restaurant in Istanbul”, you should definitely experience Queb Restaurant. Queb Rooftop Restaurant, which provides service to meet all your expectations, serves as Istanbul Restaurant in the Sultanahmet region with its delicious food and unique view.

Queb Lounge, with its unique location in Sultanahmet, is on one side; It presents the view of the historical Hagia Sophia, admired by the whole world, on the other hand, the view of the Sultanahmet Mosque, the favorite of the historical peninsula of Istanbul, built by the Ottoman Sultan I. Ahmed, as well as the view of the Istanbul Bosphorus, the favorite blue of Istanbul.

The venue, which offers all these magnificent views as panoramic from the most beautiful angle, has proven that it has the most popular Istanbul Restaurant location with the support of its guests.

Apart from its location and view, Queb Rooftop also draws attention with its delicious and pocket-friendly dinner packages prepared for its valued guests, providing comfort and convenience to its guests, safe access to the restaurant, delicious mixed breakfast, group meetings and terrace floor.

queb rooftop restaurant

With the magnificent view of Queb Lounge 360 ​​Istanbul Restaurant, you can plan group meetings with your loved ones in the favorite place of the historical peninsula Sultanahmet, have your breakfast right next to the Bosphorus, evaluate the restaurant as an efficient working environment with its heartwarming view and complete service, or have pleasant moments with your loved ones.

It is very easy to reach this magnificent Istanbul Restaurant! Queb Lounge, which is only a walking distance from the Sultanahmet tram line, provides access to the restaurant in comfort and safety with its special Vip transfer vehicle for its guests who will come from afar.

If you want to be a guest at Queb Loung to experience the best restaurant in Istanbul, don’t be late to make your reservation!

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