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Perched above the historic heart of Istanbul, Queb Rooftop Restaurant is a sanctuary of gastronomy that rises above the city’s skyline. Here, guests are invited to indulge in a realm where the grandeur of Istanbul is not only seen but felt through every aspect of their visit. The restaurant boasts a dual experience: a cozy indoor ambiance that reflects the warmth of Turkish hospitality and an open-air terrace that offers a breath of fresh air with its panoramic views.

As you step into Queb, the seamless blend of indoor elegance and outdoor allure promises an unrivaled urban retreat. Inside, the tasteful decor provides a sophisticated backdrop for a delightful meal, while the expansive terrace outside unveils the city in all its glory, from the glistening Bosphorus to the iconic silhouettes of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Whether basking in the morning sun or reveling under a canopy of stars, Queb Rooftop Restaurant delivers an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond the palate, touching the very essence of Istanbul itself.

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Queb Rooftop Restaurant
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Start the Day with a Great View

As the historic skyline awakens, so does your palate—start your day with a breakfast as majestic as the view.

breakfast restaurant
Savor the Daytime Sparkle

Elevate your afternoon with a meal as grand as the Sultanahmet itself—lunch where the continents meet.

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Sunset's Culinary Encore

Conclude your day with flavors as vibrant as Istanbul’s sunset—a dining experience to match the city’s nocturnal glow.

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Experience the finest tastes at Queb. Our menu is crafted with the freshest ingredients and a passion for flavor. Enjoy free-range eggs cooked to your preference, accompanied by savory bacon, chorizo, roasted Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach, all brought together on a golden sourdough toast. Click below to explore our full menu and continue your journey through our culinary delights.

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Had a fabulous meal here. The staff are super attentive, but don’t rush you. The views are phenomenal and it was a lovely way to enjoy a few chilled hours. The views are 360 degree, with sea, river and mosques around you. Not sure it can be beaten. We had two dishes from the local part of the menu, best lamb I’ve ever had!! More expensive than twin, but well, well worth it as the food quality and ambiance were awesome. Thank you!

Caroline Tory

Amazing location and rooftop terrace to spend a sunny afternoon on. Food was of a very good standard and service was the best we experienced on our trip.

We had a small issue with one of the menu items, and received multiple apologies from the staff, a reduction on the final bill and tea + desert on the house, something very rare nowadays and to be proud of!

Wouter De Man

Beautiful place amazing views of the Blue Mosque and the sea. This place is big has 2 floors one indoors and outdoors. The service was lovely the prices are medium high…. They have table service, beautiful blankets and table lamps. They have an elevator taking you to the top floor for the last part you need to use the staircase. You can pay with credit card and cash.

Ljubica Banic

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Reserve your seat at Queb Rooftop Restaurant and immerse yourself in the unique beauty of Istanbul with our 360-degree view of Sultanahmet. A culinary jewel perched above the city, Queb Rooftop offers a feast for the senses with indescribable flavors against the backdrop of the Bosphorus, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque.

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